Chickejacke was founded by two men who met each other in the most famous european melting pot called Berlin. Since they started with this project Chickejacke came into contact with so many nice people who tried to support them and educate them, too.
Unfortunately some time ago they had to abondone their work together because Simon decided to leave Berlin to focus on other important things in live.
Currently David is launching tracks and sets as you can see! Since the last 3 years he is serving a weekly radioshow at USBR ( and playing gigs at different Clubs in Berlin...

Lamour toujours

Digital Releases:
BUGCODER RECORDS Various Artists - Invierno (BCR009)
BUGCODER RECORDS Various Artists - Bugchasing 2 Remixed (BCR027)

zmf, lux, zukunft, schönwetter, zu mir oder zu dir, bohnengold, loophole, bethanien, pavillon, kesselhaus, feldversuch festival, pride club, mauersegler, künstliche beatmung, ...